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Chemical Reaction Vessels

Reaction Vessels

We are engaged in manufacturing quality range of Reaction Vessels in which chemical reaction takes place. Reaction Vessels are commonly used in food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The salient features of our range are mentioned below:

• Durable
• Corrosion resistant
• Temperature resistant
• Low maintenance

Apart from manufacturing, we also provide fabrication services of the delivered product to ensure smooth functioning. The entire range is available with customized solutions where the customers are free to order the product as per their requirement
Reactor with Limpet Coil (Capacity- 10 KL)
Reactor with Limpet Coil (Capacity- 10 KL)
Jacketed Reactor
Reactor (Capacity- 25 KL)
Jacketed Reactor
Reactor (Capacity- 25 KL)
Reaction Vessels
Reaction Vessels
Reaction Vessels
Reaction Vessels

Fabrication standards : As per ASME Code table VIII.

Material of construction & contact parts :
• S.S. 316
• S.S. 304
• S.S. 310
• M.S. & M.S. Rubber lining etc.

Heating/Cooling Media :
• M.S. Jacket with helical rings.
• Limpet Coils.
• Internal Cooling Coils.

Agitator :
a) Anchor Type
b) Propeller type.

Shaft Sealing :
• Stuffing Box Gland Packing with Cooling Jacket.
• Mechanical Seal with cooling arrangement.

Bearing Housing :
• Rigid Extra Heavy Taper Roller Bearings Provided for Better life.
• Self - Lubrication Provision is made.
• Design made properly for easy maintenance.

Lanterns : Rigid Construction for holding Bearing Housing, Gearbox, Motor.

Surface Finish :
• S.S. Parts are mirror finished by buffering process.
• M.S. parts are sand Blasted and Epoxy Painted.